Dance videos

Biarritz international dance competition 2012

Gwen Rakotovao won first prize in 2012 at the Biarritz international dance competition.


Gwen Rakotovao Series for Move Hope Project

Gwen directed and produced a  dance video series for move hope project with international dancers coming from different dance’s background. The series feature contemporary dance, Graham modern dance, locking, waacking, jazz and tap dance. The Move Hope Project’ series aimed to connect art and science in a unique way in order to raise awareness for MND and MS. The dance series featured dancers such as Alain Lauture known as Hurrikane, a contestant of So You Think You Can Dance and Fanny Gombert  a former member of the Martha Graham II.

Dancers featured in the dance series: Mai Lê Ho, Georgey Souchette, Fanny Gombert, Alain “Hurrikane” Lauture, Nubian Nene.

Gwen Rakotovao Company

The Gwen Rakotovao Company premiered “L’amour. La liberté. ( Love. Freedom.)” in New York on October 2014.
Here is an excerpt of the dance piece french premier:

Portrait of Gwen Rakotovao in London.

Portrait directed by Anand Gundeep and edited by Remi Aaron.