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The latest book of Gwen Rakotovao Zari l’intrépide is a French book for kids taking place in the beautiful Island of Madagascar. The character of Zari was born on the road RN4 between Antananarivo and Mahajanga. The author, Gwen Rakotovao , dreams of seing her amazing country Madagascar with a new dynamic that will make the red island shine. The story of Zari is a bit of her own and it is above all an adventure to discover and share.
Gwen Rakotovao launched in May 2015 the blog of Zari l’intrépide where she shares the beauty of Madagascar.

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French Novel for kids
A French Novel for kids about Madagascar



Un voyage à Madagascar: is a photo-book documenting the activities of the children of the Ketsa Center in Madagascar during the Masimihanta dance program.